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Just Call Ronda! provides a variety of services to help you save time and headaches. With an extensive background in building, project management, and customer service roles, Ronda has both the experience needed and the desire to help you.

Servicing West Michigan:
South Haven

Handy Ma’am Services
Household repairs, inside or out
Repair or replace screens 
Build or fix shelves
Install storage systems
Organize garages, basements,
or storage spaces

House Checks
Check property
Water plants
Arrange for services
Deliver supplies
Manage heat, air, hot tub, & more

Project Management and Referrals
Coordinate on-site projects 
Purchase supplies 
Arrange deliveries
Recommend and arrange suppliers

Woodworking Projects
Repair or build
Repair furniture
Customize or design
NOW Accepting new House Check Customers:

Choose the level of service
that is right for you:

Regular House Checks
include a specific list of checks or chores for your home. Many people select this option when they are gone for a good portion of the winter.

As-Needed House Checks
as requested or for short trips away.

Emergency House Checks
based on the weather and events in the area, and based on our discretion. We check to make sure your home has power and also check for storm and wind damage. Then we report back to you.

We also provide support when you can't be home to meet service people, turn on the hot tub, or turn up the furnace among other things before you arrive.

If we do find an issue we will communicate with you and send photos or videos of the situation so that you can determine what action you want taken.

Give Ronda a call to see if she can help you out.

"Ronda—Triple R—Ronda, Responsive, Reliable"
G. Franklin

"We have had our "vacation" home in Glenn for almost two years now. Ronda has been an integral part of our team since the onset. We can be at peace 2 1/2 hours away knowing she is our local eyes and ears. She has always been reliable and responsible and often anticipates our needs." 
B. White